Makes you feel better than brand new. No arm pump at all. Love it.
— Eric M.
I Use MOTO911 Every Time I Ride
— Mike Alessi
This stuffs works good, I had arthritis (JRA) as a child and it messed up my knees and wrists. They generally get sore dull pain in them during any type of riding over extended periods of time, I use the spray and reapply after an hour or so - it does not completely eliminate the pain but it does provide some relief. Started using it over a year ago and it is always in my gear bag when I head out to the track now.
— Mike K.
I put MOTO911 on before every moto, Keeps arm pump away for the rest of the day. pretty amazing!
— George G.
I always keep MOTO911 in my gear bag. Great to use before and after a long ride
— Dylan K.
This stuff really works!
— Kyle, Ransom Racing
I had back surgery 5 years ago and despite being in good shape, my back lower back muscles like spasm and get tight from time to time. The spray helps me loose up when this happens, so I can do what I need to do. It has the same affect as taken a few painkillers, but much better on the liver and cheaper.
— Brian B.
I get my fair share of bumps and bruises, and I hate feeling them all the time. One little squirt (actually the 2nd application about 30 min. later is even better) and I can ride like I dont ache.
— Jimmy Lewis, Dirt Rider Magazine

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