What is MOTO911?

MOTO911 is a Natural Topical Anti-Inflamatory Spray Pain Relief Spray that Provides pain relief from sore muscles, muscle cramps, muscle sprains & strains, Arthritis, bursitis & tendonitis, painful elbow, wrist, hip, knee & ankle joints, back & shoulder pain, cramps & bruises. Reduces swelling within minutes! lasts up to 8 hours!

How do I use MOTO911?

Directions for Adults & Children over 12 years of age - 
Spray directly onto affected area. No need to rub, massage or bandage. Repeat as necessary, But not more than 4 times daily.


What are the active ingredients in MOTO 911?

ARNICA: *Arnica has been PROVEN effective in reducing bruising, swelling, edema, hematoma, contusions, and is being used to treat muscle strains and sprains and a variety of joint problems. Research studies completed in 2002, at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center, used an Arnica preparation to reduce bruising after surgery. The preparation reduced bruising by as much as 41% which dramatically shortened recovery time! Patients have reported faster recovery after orthopedic surgery including (hip and knee replacement), as well as other categories of general surgery. 

BOSWELLA: *Boswellic acids have anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic action in acute and chronic models of inflammation. Boswella inhibits inflammation by blocking the synthesis of leukotrienes. Boswella reduces joint and muscle tissue swelling, increasing mobility, thereby effectively reducing pain. 

ILEX: * Paraguaiensis is an herbal extract from the South American holly shrub. ILEX is used in herbal preparations around the world. ILEX is traditionally known for its ability to help reduce pain, swelling and loosen stiff joints. 

MENTHOL: *Menthol (a plant extract) is classified as a pain reliever, and is used to treat muscle sprains and strains, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, painful joints, back & neck pain, sore and stiff muscles, cramps & bruises. 

MSM: *MSM is a naturally occurring essential nutrient found in healthy tissue and joints. Dr. Stanley Jacob, Department of Surgery at the University of Oregon Medical School, after clinical trials, reported that: “MSM has a wide range of pharmacologic actions including membrane penetration, anti-inflammation and local analgesia.”